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What We Believe

God and the Trinity

We believe God is all-powerful, all-present, and all-knowing. He resides outside of time as one essence in three persons. In unity, they are One GOD: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is God come in the flesh, born of a virgin. He is the foundation, the cornerstone and the Head Shepherd of the Church. He came and restored man’s broken relationship with God, by living a perfect life and dying a substitutionary death. He demonstrated His great love for us on the cross by dying for our sin (past, present, and future). Proclaiming salvation to all through His Life, Death, and Resurrection.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third part of the Trinity. Co-equal with The Father and Son. The Holy Spirit is actively present in the life of every believer. He reveals Jesus, illuminates our understanding of scriptures and bestows upon every believer particular gifts to benefit the body of Christ and bring glory to God.

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. It is relevant and applicable to life in every way and every age. Therefore we place great emphasis upon teaching it publicly, studying it faithfully, proclaiming it boldly, and using it as a guide in our daily lives.


We believe Jesus is worthy of all praise, reverence, and love. We come together to worship Him in song and the study of His word. We worship Him in the giving of our time, resources, and energy for His work and to His glory. We believe every aspect of our lives is an expression of worship to God.

Christian Growth

Our greatest desire is to know Jesus Christ. To be conformed to His image, likeness, and example by the empowering of the Holy Spirit. We encourage this by abiding in Jesus through His word, prayer and supplication, living life with one another in community, and by yielding our lives to the Holy Spirit.

Our Leadership

Pastor Joseph Tata

Joseph Tata

Senior Pastor

Pastor Tony Maese


Administrative Pastor

Pastor Ruben Oronoz


Associate Pastor



Associate Pastor